The Choice Of Developers

A native mobile app is a smartphone application that can be coded in different programming languages such as Java or Objective C providing fast performance and good reliability. In Hovers the World, our Native mobile apps provide more hyper focused and specialized technologies for developers that usually otherwise tend to be generic across other programming platforms. React Native, a framework create by Facebook enables a smooth and cross-platform, diverse and convenient method of mobile development. With our framework at Hovers the World, a separate iOS and Android app need not be created by the coder separately. With just one codebase, a developer can create an app for both platforms without sacrificing the experience of the App.

What is React Native Mobile and why is it a good idea?

There are multiple advantages to our React Native app development. Firstly, it can render mobile applications for both iOS and Android targeting mobile platforms. With our system, written code can be shared between platforms making React Native extremely interactive and easily shareable.

React Native applications are usually written using a combination of JS and XML seeming markup, more commonly known as JSX. With React Native, the applications use real mobile components and not just web views and have the authenticity, functionality and appearance of any other mobile applications. Especially for those who write cross-platform code, Hovers the World is extremely beneficial and it stands out from the existing methods of cross-platform applications. While the traditional methods usually render using web views as they do not have the access to the host UI elements and are harder to manage and often become obsolete. These problems are not faced with Hovers the World.

Further, the developer experience with us is wonderful. We have a plethora of learning tools and it our products are extremely easy to work with. For those who have a basic knowledge of JS, they do not even have to undertake much learning. The debugging tools and error reporting of React JS are also phenomenally helpful for the developer. Just as if a developer is familiar with JS, if a developer is also familiar with Chrome or Safari’s developer tools, they can also be used with us for mobile development.

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